Our Story

Kirsty Doyle is a woman designing for other women.
Kirsty Doyle exclusively sells her ready-to-wear collection through www.kirsty-doyle.com and offers a full bespoke service for her Brides and Bridesmaids from the on site showroom.
With a design and manufacturing studio based in the UK, most of our pieces sold online are handmade in-house.She designs with herself in mind, she wants women to feel how she feels when she wears a KD dress. 
“Strong, confident and untouchable is how she feels when wearing a KD look”
With that notion in mind KD Club was invented with the intention to empower the KD community to harness the power they need to take control of
their lives.
Kirsty wants our KD community to feel empowered to excel in their areas of profession. With more than two decades of industry experience Kirsty is looking to give back to the community with her transferable skills. Whether you are looking for a side hustle, improve your design skills or start your own business, KD Club has all the tools for you to embark on this journey. 
With courses in fashion illustration, tailoring, pattern cutting, photography, makeup, social media and business, KD Club is a one stop shop for you to learn new skills and thrive within a world of fashion and creativity.
Kirsty wants to see all KD community succeed while
doing what they love. At KD club you can learn all the tips and tricks from Kirsty and her team. Join the club to help build your confidence while learning new skills which will last a lifetime.


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