Zoom How To Make A Tulle Dress For A Doll - Online Class Only

How To Make A Tulle Dress For A Doll - Online Class Only

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What will you learn 

Are you ready to experience the satisfaction of creating your own dresses for your dolls?  Then this is the class for you. Kirsty Doyle (founder of KD Club) will carefully take you through the steps to construct a cute tube dress and own KD doll tulle skirt.

This course includes a digital class which is a professionally made pre-recorded video available for download upon purchasing the course.

During this quick class, you will learn the basic skills you need to make a dress for a doll. It is a fun creative and really simple project that is perfect for those that are ready to start making their own fashion pieces and do a bit DIY crafts. Kirsty will give you all tips and tricks for cutting out fabric pieces, making simple size adjustments and achieve clean cut seams and neat finishes.

Once you learn the techniques, you can use it on any kind of fabric, you can make it in any size of your choice, customised something you already own, re-purpose an old piece and create so many different looks from just one KD Club class. Plus, you can easily make one for your own dolls or for your friends or do them together as a group.

Hope you enjoy the class and join us for many more sessions.

*We recommend adult supervision for all these classes.

What will you need

> Piece of stretch fabric

> Piece of tulle fabric 

> Tape measure 

> One set of safety pins 

> Set of pearl head pins

> Piece of elastic

> A digital device (smart phone/laptop/tablet) to watch the video

> Access to a sewing machine  

> Matching thread

Who this course is for

> Anyone that wants to learn how to make a doll dress

> Anyone KD mini with interest in making fashion garments

> Anyone interested in DIY arts and crafts

> Fashion design student 

Other requirements

> Know how to thread a sewing machine (please watch our free video on 'how to thread a sewing machine')

> Know how to use your sewing machine for a straight stitch

How to start

> Please follow the instructions and link sent your email upon purchasing.

*This is a partially digital product and no refunds/exchanges can be offered after purchase.

How To Make A Tulle Dress For A Doll - Online Class Only


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